Preparing you to become investor-ready

Get investor-ready with Kick-Off, a 6-week journey for tech founders to validate their ideas, gain clarity on their core audience, develop connections and implement the processes needed to secure investment. We know funding is necessary for products to change the world, and we don't think a lack of resources should be holding you back. 


Over 8 years experience in
 building products

Launched startup products globally including Australia, USA, Canada 
and BRIC countries

Over 20 founders coached in the
 last 24 months

Accredited Product Management 

Certified PMI Agile Project 
management training provider

Startup mentor at Bristol University

How do I kick off my journey?

Our 6-week course provides founders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders with the tools they need to build the foundation and develop the processes sought after by investors.

We will spend 6 weeks...

  • Identifying your core struggles and implementing steps to overcome them both now and in the future
  • Teaching you the skills to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • Building your knowledge to make confident product-based business decisions
  • ​Creating a market-focused, user-driven approach to building a viable, sustainable product
  • ​​Developing your core audience and customer base
  • ​Digging deeper into what would drive investors to find your business attractive

What happens next...?

Upon completion of Kick-Off, each participant will be invited to join our exclusive Tech Gorge membership community. The Tech Gorge Community is limited to engaged, informed, results-driven entrepreneurs with an active business concept. Members will bring value, initiative and insight to one another, and in return will gain introductions to potential investors and like-minded entrepreneurs. 

What will you learn?

We will PUSH you, get you FIT and ready to BAT


Problem Statement  
Starting with a problem versus an idea, and how to design thinking to hypothesise a problem statement.

User Personas 
Identifying your key user personas and teaching you how to evolve them for product life-cycle.

Solution Hypothesis 
Developing a solution hypothesis from the approach of 'significant improvements versus marginal improvements' to ensure your product is viable.


Developing your understanding of what features to focus on and how to use user stories to identify what your product needs. 
Using interactions and user flow to smooth out the experience of your product.

Tech Stack
Working with a tech-specialist to identify technology advancements and any issues you could face with your product.


Business Model
Defining a business model by building on what you have already learnt in PUSH.
Analysis of Competition
Understanding what a competitor is and how to utilise them to the advantage of your product.

Testing Solutions
Creating a plan for testing your product and how to track the right metrics for success.

Wherever you are in your startup journey, we know you can only get so far before needing investment. Our expert methodology has been built to prepare you for investors and startup longevity. 


"In my 25+ years of being involved in design and development... I have never worked with such a great company and a great project manager... Not only have our needs been met, but surpassed on every occasion. Alex's leadership skills are beyond exceptional."

Dr Russell Nevins | Chief Medical Officer at Desert Orthopaedic Center

"Alex is highly professional, responsible, organised, and target driven. He is able to smoothly manage multiple individuals, in multiple countries and time zones... Alex excels at synthesising information. I would like to express my unqualified appreciation and recognition of Alex's skill and expertise in the role that he has played in our project." 

Dr David Backstein | Head of Orthopaedics at Mount Sinai Hospital

How does it work?

Over 6 weeks, we will work with a group of likeminded tech founders and entrepreneurs who are ready to take their product-based tech startup to the next level and secure investment.

Two Group Sessions Per Week.

Every week we will have two group sessions for all participants, each an hour long. One dedicated to teaching, the other a group study session to network, pick brains and build from one another.

Think-for-Yourself Homework.

We take seriously the notion of 'teach a man to fish'. We want you to be accountable and confident in your business, which is why there will be weekly assignments for you to complete and apply new methodology to your particular product.

Templates and Resources.

To support your growth as a business and develop your product, our ready-made templates and resources will be an invaluable asset for you to use.

Expert Support.

We have over eight years of expertise and have spent two years developing the methodology and processes you will be learning. This is your opportunity to work with an expert in their field, whose knowledge and guidance is used by startups and businesses around the world. 

Mastermind Group.

As a part of our Slack Mastermind group, not only will you have support from your cohort of participants, but also the wider community. It provides you with a 24/7 platform to ask questions, connect with those who could help you work on your product and be invited to relevant events. 

Lifetime Access to The Tech Gorge Community.

When you join Kick Off, you will have lifetime access to The Tech Gorge community. It is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and tech startup founders to develop ideas, ask questions and meet others in a similar position. 

Is this right for me?

"Wouldn't it be good if...", "Imagine if I could...", these are statements we hear every single day.

Have you found yourself...

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the information on what investors are looking for?
  • Believing in your startup but losing confidence in yourself, your methods and your processes?
  • Doubting your knowledge and capability to take your startup to an investor?
  • Putting off the necessary processes and methods needed to progress?

If so, you're probably looking for...

  • Direct, expert information bespoke to you, your product and your startup. 
  • An understanding of what exactly investors look for and how you can secure investment.
  • The right connections to execute your ideas and build your product.
  • A cost-effective way to do the above and progress your business to the next level.

We take those 'whats if's and 'imagine if's' and turn them into a reality. Our clients want to make the world a better place, and we help them to do this. 

Meet Alex

Alex Weekes is a consultant and product manager with eight years experience working with startups and businesses to manage projects and develop products. In the early stages of working with startups, Alex started to notice a pattern of mistakes made time and time again. He recognised that often, a simple process implementation could make or break a business.

Before embarking on any journey, it's crucial to ensure you are prepared. However, the technology industry relies on innovation, and the mystery surrounding technological innovation is a barrier for those wishing to turn their ideas into fruition. The knowledge and processes necessary to generate a product from initial conception should be more accessible to those wanting to break into the industry. Many founders struggle to find that sweet spot between "building the parachute on the way down" and "analysis paralysis", simply not knowing what they need to know to kick off their idea. Alex's work focuses on consulting and educating founders and entrepreneurs on the best practice and success principles to navigate these areas.

"I believe technological innovation drives the human experience. Using technology to automate particular areas of life will ultimately leave us free to focus our attention on other, more quintessentially human experiences.

"It is this belief and knowledge that drives me to break down walls for my clients and allow them to bridge that gap between ideation and execution."

Kick Off is the product of years of experience and expertise helping founders and entrepreneurs to navigate their startup journey, condensed into one, 6-week course.


"Alex was a consummate professional, who managed the team with grace and ease in the launch of a new child care management platform to market. Beyond leading the team, Alex has directly contributed to the product in marketing vision and helping to build a successful launch and deployment plan." 

Tom Callahan | Owner, Child Care Seer

"Alex's organisation, communication and project management structure has been instrumental in the success of Listing Loop. His ability to overcome challenges to ensure little to no customer impact has been fantastic whilst still hitting deadlines. I would highly recommend Alex." 

Rhett Dallwitz | CEO & Co-Founder, Listing Loop


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      Is this programme for technical or non-technical skill sets?
      The programme can be for either. There is a heavy focus on the non-technical aspects of the journey to building a startup, however, this is invaluable information no matter where your skills lie.
      Where do the sessions take place?
      All programmes are online and sessions will take place on Zoom.
      When can I kick off my journey?
      We work in 6-week cycles. Please apply below and we will get back to you with available dates.
      What if I am unavailable for a session?
      Sessions will be recorded for all participants to reflect on and use in their own time. If you miss a session, you can use this recording to catch up.
      Do you offer investment?
      The Tech Gorge does not offer investment itself, however, we work closely with a number of investors and the programme will prepare you for the best practices to finding your own.
      I have a co-founder, can we both join?
      Yes, however the price reflected is per place on the programme, not per business.
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